Survival Minecraft servers

Minecraft survival servers are able to provide hours of fun for both novice and experienced crafters.

Multiplayer in Minecraft Survival Mode is a great way to create new gameplay possibilities, including unique teamwork opportunities as well as fierce PvP elements.

Some survival servers add new mechanics to their experience by using specialized server-side plugins.

ComfyMC IP:

ComfyMC is an excellent Minecraft survival server with many additional gameplay features. It is designed to improve the default vanilla Minecraft survival experience.

These extra features include in-game currency (with a full server economy), player shop, automated drop-parties and pets. You can also purchase pre-made homes.

ComfyMC, like many other survival servers, also has an anti-grief feature. You can rest assured that your home will not be raided or griefed by any other players.

Mox MC IP address:

Mox MC has over 1000 concurrent users daily. This server has been in existence for more than six years and has been streamed by many YouTubers.

This server is heavily focused on PvP, but there are many other activities for players. Parkour events and mazes can both be accessed by joining the server, and then typing “/warp”.

Mox MC is a high-quality Minecraft server, which has been continuously improved over the years. There is a strong sense of community here with over 27,000 members and a huge discord server.

Elite Survival IP:

The 2020 release of Elite Survival is a fantastic Minecraft survival server. It was designed to provide the best Minecraft survival experience for players.

You can choose to play in a vanilla survival world or semi-vanilla survival realm. The Elite Survival server has a unique feature: the world will not be erased. It means that any action taken on the server can be saved for a lifetime.

Elite Survival is only available to players who have the most recent Minecraft version.

Newwind Official IP:

Newwind is a Minecraft survival site that focuses on PvP, and other hardcore game modes. This server is geared towards older, more experienced Minecraft players.

Raiding and griefing other players is allowed on the server. The server does not have any rules, except that it doesn’t allow modified clients.

Newwind is a great option for players who are familiar with the mechanics of Minecraft, but it’s not recommended for everyone. Because of its intense nature, it is not recommended for beginners.

Camper Craft

Camper Craft is a Minecraft survival server for families that is open to all ages. It uses an anti-profanity chat plugin to ensure that chat remains clean and safe for children.

Anti-griefing, anti-raiding and other security features ensure that no one can raid or grief another player. The server supports PvP and has a duels plugin which allows players to 1v1 each others to settle disputes.

Camper Craft is a new server, but it has a friendly and welcoming community that is always open for new players.