Getting into wow: Choosing the right class


Getting into wow: Choosing the right class

With the shadowlands just around the corner, there's bound to be an influx of new players that haven't played the game yet. There's also probably quite a few player's like myself that havent quit the game quite yet, but just don't feel like supporting blizzard since they've made quite a few questionable decisions over the last few years. If you'd like to play wow on a private server, i can recommend this wow private servers list. However if you're only starting out here's a few things you should know from a seasoned player.

With the release of the new expansion the level is gonna be reduced back down to 50 from 120. You also get a new starting zone for each faction and at the end of that you're moved to the start of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Figure out your character race and class combo. Wow currently has 12 classes, which i found the more important decision since its going to flavour the gameplay experience.

1.Warrior, they are generally close range with using rage as their resource.
2.Paladins, are basically warrior/priest mix with some healing and some martial abilities.
3.Hunters, are ranged based martial damage dealers, using mana as a resource and also having the ability to tame a wild animal to use a pet in combat.
4.Rogues. Rogues are melee martial type damage dealers, using poisons and trickery to deal damage and crowd control their targets.
5.Priests. Priests are holy type healers and damage dealers, they are however mostly healers.
6.Shamans. Shamans are warriors with a bit of healing and a bit of magical abilites, they are pretty much a jack of all trades class.
7.Mages. Mages are arcane ranged damage dealers, theyre probably the most archetypal class behind warriors.
8.Warlocks. Warlocks are a cross between mages and hunters, they're ranged damage dealers, but they also have demon pets and can have plenty of unique powers.
9.Monks. Monks are can be a tank, a melee damage dealers or healers, using mists to pretty much be a jack of all trades like shamans.
10.Druids are nature based mages, with shapeshifting, they can also heal.
11.Demon hunters are the last class to be added to the game, theyre melee damage dealers.
12. Death knights were undead trained by Arthas. They can use martial abilites and unholy spells to deal with their enemies.

These are the classes and a quick description of each. Id advise you to look at every class carefully and consider your options. See you in wow.