How do i Watch the Event?


How do i Watch the Event?

Keep an eye out for the MCC Twitter rosters to see which creators will be streaming the event. Then, you can watch the broadcast from their page! Noxcrew will host an admin stream from the spectator perspective during the event, which you can view on their Twitch channel. You can check out who is streaming the day by visiting

How often is the event held?

The MCC does not have a set schedule but broadcasts can be expected on a monthly basis. All official announcements are made via the MCC Twitter. Follow us to stay up-to-date!

How do I play MCC?

MCC is an invitation-only event for attendees, organised by Smajor. However, Noxcrew frequently runs community events and tests new games. You can join our Discord to help out with these events.

How long does the event last?

MCC is a fully-automated event that takes approximately 2 - 2 1/4 hours with a five minute break halfway.

Who was the star of the show?

All code and assets were created by the Noxcrew staff in-house.

Who are the Noxcrew members?

Noxcrew was founded by a group of Minecraft creators who have been creating content for many years. We created the Noxcrew Gameshow in 2012, a TV-like action show that we have taken to many places, including Minecon and Yogscast's JingleJam. You can find us here as an official Minecraft partner.