Best WoW private servers for 2021

With the new year rolling around it seemed prudent, to me, to go over some of the wow private servers that I thoroughly enjoyed in the past year and will continue to in the next barring any major changes. Without further ado, this is my list.

  1. WoW-Mania
    WoW-Mania is probably the single most popular WoW private server, period. They offer the gold era of WoW with the 3.5.5. patch of the Wotlk expansion. With all the raids and instances fully scripted they essentially offer the authentic WoW experience. They also have enough players to make their battlegrounds and arenas interesting, letting you immerse yourself in the grind of old. They even have a promotion making your life easier by giving you a free mount when you hit level 10, letting you breeze past the tedious parts of leveling and get straight into the fun part. Top of the list and for a good reason.
  2. RetroWoW
    Like the name implies RetroWoW is all about the classic era of WoW. There’s plenty of people nostalgic over the vanilla experience and this server provides a convenient release, whether you want to go through the classic raids that became unavailable with Cataclysm or just to play some classic pvp, they got you covered. They also have fully scripted events and raids while also providing some of custom made, making the grind all the more fun. They also have a fun system in place where you get to get gold for participating and winning in the arena, so it definitely pays to PvP.
  3. WoW-Reign
    Wow-Reign let’s you experience the Cata expansion of wow. The time of troubles and changes. They offer the Blizzlike server as well as boosted rates up to 6x letting you skip the grind and toil of getting yourself leveled and farming out the mid tier gear. Their stuff like all servers on this list is fully scripted letting you play without breaking immersion and their staff is very friendly, helping out if their system wets the bed. An interesting look at a wow after it’s golden era.
  4. WoW-Freakz
    WoW-Freakz went the other way. Instead of emulating the Blizzards game as faithfully as possible, they took it as a base and went wild. Their lawless server basically allows you to play as a mish mash character giving you abilities from multiple classes and letting you go wild in pvp, wrecking noobs and getting wrecked in turn by people more familiar with the system. A truly unique WoW experience, though with a high skill ceiling so it might turn you away.

These are my picks for the best WoW servers at the start of the year. I’m sure there are others out there, but I feel that each and every one of these entries offers something unique, be it an innovative take on the WoW experience or simply the best a WoW private server has to offer.