The Minecraft Glossary for Parents


The Minecraft Glossary for Parents

Minecraft is a very popular game that seems to be attracting new fans every day. Parents who have not yet joined the Minecraft movement may find it difficult to understand the language their children use to describe their Minecraft play sessions. Your child might say, "That mod gave me sweet amounts of redstone, but the mobs were so aggressive that I wish I had to deal only with Creepers." Yikes!

It's time for you to pick up some lingo. Here's a glossary that covers some of the most popular terms in Minecraft. This glossary will help you understand the basics of Minecraft and provide a quick introduction to the worlds of mining, brewing and crafting.

Biome. Biomes are regions within Minecraft, such as forests, jungles, and deserts. They have their own climate and environmental features, such as rain cycles, variations of grass or plant life, as well as geographical structures like rivers and mountains.

Creative/survival. Survival and creativity are the two main game modes in Minecraft. The creative mode allows players to build whatever they want with an infinite supply of blocks, and renders them invincible against would-be enemies. The survival mode is the standard game mode. Here, players must collect resources, fight mobs and explore in order to stay alive.

Creeper. Creeper is a feared and well-known monster in Minecraft. They are aggressive mobs that try to sneak up on players before exploding. The blast can cause significant damage to almost everything and can be fatal if your attention is not on other enemies.

Enderman. The Enderman is one the more bizarre mobs in Minecraft. They are tall, thin creatures who enter the game in pairs. They usually pick up and place blocks randomly. Because they tear down shelters, they can pose a danger to structures. The Enderman are neutral and won't attack you unless they are attacked. If you stare at them, they will give you the business. After that, they'll teleport away until you kill them or neutralize them.

Mob. Mob. This is any living creature that is part of the game. Some mobs can be passive, like horses and chickens. Others can be hostile, like Creepers.

Mod. Mod. This is an abbreviation for mod and it refers to anything that alters the content of the game. Modification can be used to add new materials, modify design elements in creative mode, or increase difficulty levels. Mods are user-created content which is not included in the initial installation and must be downloaded to be added into the game. These can be installed individually or in a package, but it is possible for the game to stop working if you modify it.

Mojang. Mojang, the creators and developers behind Minecraft, was founded by Markkus Persson and Jakob Porser. Microsoft recently purchased the company for $2.5 billion.

Nether. The Nether is an alternate dimension in the Minecraft world. It resembles a hellish landscape and can only be accessed via a player-built portal. The Nether is full of environmental hazards such as flames and lava, as well as unique mobs. The Nether affects many standard materials and items and makes them work differently than in the "Overworld". However, the Nether also offers rare materials.

Pickaxe. Pickaxes are a standard Minecraft tool that is used to mine bricks for valuable materials. These tools can be crafted by the player, and can be further enhanced by separate characteristics to improve their functionality.

Redstone. Redstone is one the most versatile and common materials found in Minecraft. It can be used for crafting components and making potions. Its most important feature is its ability power devices such as doors and pistons.

Sandbox. Sandbox is a video game that allows players to explore and modify the world without any restrictions. A true sandbox game allows players to modify the game world and adjust the gameplay to their liking. Minecraft is a sandbox-type game.

Server. A Minecraft server lets players engage in multiplayer games online. There are no two servers the same and they can be configured to play specific types of games. These can range from team-based or solo-player-versus-solo-player combat to capture-the-flag and last-player-standing matches.

Skin. Skins are any texture that is placed on an avatar/mob to allow players to personalize the game. While skins don't have any benefits or disadvantages, they add visual flair to the game. They can be almost any texture you can imagine. These skins can be anything from Santa Claus to Avengers characters.

Steve. Steve is the basic male default skin of the game. It is also the name of the playable character gamers can control. His basic appearance is one of a man with dark hair, blue jeans, and gray shoes.